Our Infrastructure

We are having good infrastructures and very good exposure with all related structures such as yarns, dyeing, weaving, stitching, printing and embroidery units, because of we are operating at Karur, which is exclusive for home textiles in south India. We are very much interested to be in touch with you for satisfying all your requirements.

Yarns & dyeing

Cabinet, Jigger, Cheese or CPB (Cold Pad Batch) machines are used for all dyed products, both organic and non-organic, with our associates concern (they are all free from formaldehyde and Azo substances).


Our company is capable of weaving more than 5000 Meters per day on Power and Auto Loom machines (Weaving on Handloom machines, if required) with a maximum width of 275 cm or 110 inches in check, stripe, jacquard patterns, etc. with our associate concern.

Special Process

We are doing special process like silicon wash, zero – zero finish, wrinkle finish , PVC coating.


Computerized machine and manual embroidery techniques allow us to add more value and perfection to intricate designs as per the instructions of customers.


As well as manual and machine printing, we are proficient in making made-ups on organic and non-organic fabrics in a width of 254 cm or 100 inches as well as table printing, sticker printing, MHM printing, digital, foil, pop-up, and etc..


A combination of dedicated tailors and state-of-the-art sewing machines allows us to design and manufacture the finest pieces. We have 75 cutting machines to produce 7000 pieces per day across several tables.


We thoroughly inspect all stitched products before final packing and pack them according to the customer’s request. Warehousing of manufacturing goods is handled in a twenty thousand square foot area designed to store and handle stock.

Needle Detecting Machine

By using a needle detecting machine, we ensure that there are no needles inside our products.